• the 1st cloud infrastructure-oriented company in the mena region

  • the 1st cloud infrastructure-oriented company in the mena region

  • high-performance computing support and development

  • redefining security standards

  • targeting complete acquire of the cloud computing market for the mena region

About Us

"UNIX is basically a simple operating system,
but you have to be genius to understand the simplicity." - Dennis Richie

Breaching the Metrics

infraLayer is a company that's exclusively providing private/public Cloud infrastructure architecture services on a proprietary architecture that's not based on any previously existed vendor-locking structure. Along that, we provide performance and security services for high-end enterprises operating high-profile online portals with the demand for near-realtime performance and enhanced end-user experience.

One of infraLayer’s strong arms is the computer scientific part related to machine-learning, computer image processing and human interfacing technologies along with facial detection and recognition related developments and researches.

Combining these many arms and strong massive scalability-grade knowledge, we provide an unprecedented platform development services for SMBs and high-enterprises in Web, Mobile (Android/iOS), Web-Service, APIs and payment gateways development services for financial sectors as well as hardware solutions prototyping and wearables developments.

The company operates through a pure B2B model which allows it to focus on delivering quality services for enterprises. It also serves large projects for a number of high-profile business clients within the MENA region.

Our main focus is developing solutions that makes the world a better place while taking back control of a portion of the MENA region infrastructure utilizing pure Egyptian minds on an outstanding level of education.

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